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Founded in 1998, Wilmax Control Systems has unrivalled experience and expertise in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemicals. Specializing in control automation, process packages and valve automation, we are the leading manufacturing and engineering company sought after throughout the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.


We are design specialists for the following:

Wellhead Control Panel systems; Pneumatic/Hydraulic Single or Multi Well, Modular Expandable “Draw out”, Electro-Hydraulic High Pressure, PLC Self-Contained to PLC Open architecture Systems. All systems can include SIL level Safety redundancy compliance.

Chemical Injection Skids such as Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, Methanol and Biocide as well as Nitrogen and Acetylene Skid for Onshore and Offshore applications.

Worldwide presence, the leading specialist in the Middle East and APAC region. Highly sought after for Control Automation, Process Systems and Valve Automation. Constantly improve existing products while testing new technology.


Our Solutions include Control Automation & Core Competencies, Design and Manufacturing Features


We provide Cutting-Edge, Customized Solutions specialized in innovative products that do more. Co-engineering capabilities with clients and supplies to customize products tailored to their specific needs. Committed to continuous research and development

  1. Complete Control Monitoring and safety of Oil and Gas Production wells, our Wellhead Control Panels are also designed to meet the client’s unique process conditions and site-specific requirements.
  2. Effective and self-contained, our Hydraulic Power Units apply the hydraulic pressure needed to drive all complementary parts of any given hydraulic application.
  3. A reliable and well-designed safety system, our Fusible Plug Panel is essential for fire or heat detection in Oil and Gas plants.
  4. Erect and submerge jacket structure from the surface to the seabed in a controlled fashion with our efficient Jacket Flooding System.
  5. Suppress fires and ensure safety protocols are met with our effective Nitrogen Snuffing System.
  6. Our Hi-low Pressure Pilot System can effectively manage and control the process shutdown for flowlines.
  7. Improve the cleanliness of Hydraulic fluids for various applications with our well-designed Hydraulic Oil-Filtration System.