Solapak UK


Established in 1981, Solapak Limited continues to be a leader in the renewable energy field and an expert in engineering and supply of complete, ready to install, Solar Power Systems for industrial off-grid applications.

Solapak Limited is a specialized engineering company that focuses on the art of using Photovoltaic (PV) technology to harness electricity generated from sunlight and designing complete system solutions to create stand-alone Solar Power Systems that fulfill the ambitious energy requirements of our clients.

Solapak Limited prides itself in being approved with almost all of the major Oil and Gas companies globally and having the expertise to design Solar Power Systems in line with the highest industry specifications and guidelines including the Shell Design and Engineering Practices (DEP), as well as the IEC, BS and TUV standards relevant to our industry.

Solapak engineer, design, and build our systems based on reliable British technology and European products.

Various Applications:

  1. Solar Solutions for Multiple Off-grid Applications
  2. Cathodic Protection
  3. Remote Telecommunication
  4. Pipe Flow Monitoring
  5. Pipelines Valve Stations
  6. Oil and Gas Platforms
  7. Industrial Area Lighting  

Solar Solutions for Multiple Off-grid Applications

  1. Fire and Gas Equipment
  2. Instrumentation Equipment
  3. Flow metering Equipment
  4. Wellhead Control Panels
  5. Chemical Injection Skids
  6. Pipe Lines Valve Stations 


In addition to the design engineering and supply of complete Solar Power Systems, Solapak has a professional team that supports the customer with the following Lifecycle services:

  1. Installation Supervision
  2. System Commissioning
  3. On-Site and Off-Site Customer Training
  4. Spare Parts and Components Supply
  5. Systems Health Check Monitoring
  6. Engineering and Project Consultation