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Product Details

Expansion Joints


U.S. Bellows, Inc., provides a wide variety of expansion joint products and services. Expansion joint replacement is also available if the current product has failed or needs to be replaced. Equivalent and similar expansion joints of other manufacturers can be designed and produced, especially during critical times. U.S. Bellows provides an Emergency Replacement Service for the time constrained issues that arise. Tests are completed per customer’s request for quality and performance assurance.

  • Single Expansion Joint
  • Universal Expansion Joint
  • Fabric Expansion Joint
  • Hinged Expansion Joint
  • Gimbal Expansion Joint
  • Rectangular Expansion Joint
  • Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint
  • In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint
  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint
  • Thick Wall Expansion Joint
  • Refractory Lined Expansion Joint
  • Toroidal Expansion Joint
  • Slip Type Expansion Joint
  • Duct Work


Spring Hangers


Constants use a spring coil (or series of coils) to accommodate pipe movement from the initial (installed) condition to the final (operating) condition of the piping system. For all constant spring supports there is no difference in load and the supported load will remain uniform throughout the deflection cycle.

We provide Constant Spring Support from Piping Technology and Products -UK.We offer an unparalleled set of customization options with minimal impact on delivery timeframes. In addition to our standard (hot-dipped galvanized, neoprene lined springs) constant spring supports, we can customize any material, finish, dimension, load, load adjustment, travel, travel stops, as well as providing sensors for remote monitoring.