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Daishin’s HG products are available in a wide range,such as generators,engine driven pumps, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, and power sprayers. They support people’s life in various field from professonal use in agriculture, civil and construction engineering, to personal use in gardening, DIY, outdoor and leasure activities, and to special events and life-saving activities. Since the early days when agricultural sprayers were the mayor products, Daishin has been producing useful, safe, high-performance and long-life products. Daishin keeps producing safer, more comfortable, and up-to-date products, that comtribute to the society, even for elderly people.

Main Features

  • Made in Japan, made by Daishin: intensive concentration of technology and controls over development, design, assenbly, and QA


  • HG Products provide a safe, comfortable work environment and create new value for customers.
  • Reliability of Daishin products arises form superior development capability, consistent effort in project management, and rapid and flexible response to custmer needs.
  • Frontline research effort: we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to reflect their needs in product development.