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MASTERPAC has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing Light Construction Equipment:Rammers, forward and reversible vibrating plates, walk-behind rollers, poker vibrators, power trowels, vibrating screeds, concrete saws. Our international engineering and sales professionals teams partner with a network of dealers, all customer-oriented, with a strong focus on product reliability, performance and competitiveness. With a solid basis for worldwide growth, MASTERPAC is constantly strengthening its worldwide sales organization to serve end-customers with a high level of reactivity and flexibility.

Main Features

  • MASTERPAC is one of the most “easy-to-do business with” and reliable companies in the industry.
  • This reputation relies upon:
  • - Service-minded sales and technical teams
  • - Quality, performance and serviceability of our products
  • - German-design with a high level of product development process
  • - Optimized production and logistic organizations to ensure competitive pricing


  • Products
  • 1,Tamping Rammer
  • 2,Forward Plate Compactor 50kg-60kg
  • 3,Forward Plate Compactor 4,80kg-130kg
  • 4,Hydraulic Reversible Plate 5,Compactor 110kg-190kg
  • 6,Hydraulic Reversible Plate 7,Compactor 350kg-500kg
  • 8,Single drum Vibratory Roller
  • 9,Double Drum Vibratory Roller
  • 10,Concrete finishing
  • 11,Vibrating Screed
  • 12,Surface Finishing Screed
  • 13,Pendulum Concrete Vibrator
  • 14,Submersible Pump(Flexible Shaft Pump)
  • 15,Portable Eccentric Concrete Vibrator
  • 16,Backpack Petrol Concrete Vibrator
  • 17,Edging Power Trowel
  • 18,Walk-Behind Power Trowel
  • 19,Ride-on Power Trowel
  • 20,Green Concrete Saw
  • 21,Floor Saw
  • 22,Masonry Saw
  • 23,Rail Saw
  • 24,Block Saw
  • 25,Breaker